Free Traffic, No Surfing Required (25,000 Hits/Day)

There is a saying "Once paddle, 2 islands exceeded". In the surf to get traffics / visits I use the adage "one stone, 25 islands exceeded"

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Note the flag counter and histats data, every day at least receives 25,000 visits. It is impossible for me to surf that generate traffic of 25,000 credits per day, of course there are tips and tricks, for which this writing.
I gave the title No Surfing Required not mean no surfing at all, but we still do surfing in one / two Traffic Exchange (TE) but we get traffic from many TE which in many TE that we do not need to surf but generate a lot of traffic, surf 1 times 25 TE gives traffic. 

To simplify the explanation, I share much of this TE  into 3 groups:


Group 2 only once a month need to surf around 100 pages, group 3 only need 50 pages to surf once a week.
Group 1 is the primary TE where we have to do surfing. Hitleap, Otohits and Feeling Surf  been not fussy means do not need a lot of requirements that restrict the criteria blog / splashpage us, even for a  Feeling Surf our URL directly received without waiting for the approval of admin. All of these TE permits the use iframes, but it quickly gave traffic. Although allowing 2 iframe iframe but it is enough because if it is too much, it could disrupt systems that effect TE our blog / splashpage erasable. 
Group 2 provides script2 that if we put in the blog / spalshpage we will generate traffic credit. 
Group 3 provides facilities megahits that if we put in a frame iframe on blog / splashpage we would generate a 0.5 credit / view

Now we get into tip n trick.

First make splashpage
like this. You can also use the blog but I prefer splashpage for faster appearance.
Splashpage contents are:
  •         splashpage link in the group 2
  •         script banner exchange and text exchange is available in the group 2
  •         link megahits from group 3 in the frame iframe

Link splaspage in Group 2 will produce 1-1.5 credits / uniqview. Banner exchange and text exchange in Group 2 will automatically generate traffic credit. Link megahits of each TE in Group 3 also produces 0.5 credits each perform. Rotate this splahspage to surf the group1, then in a revolving credit will generate traffic from group 2 and group 3. That is your visit in Group 1 will be rewarded visits of Group 2 and Group 3. 1 Credit we spend will generate at least 3 credits. The more we visit in group 1 the more replies we get apart from one's own group as well as from group 2 and grup3.

In other words, these systems can I describe as follows.
Pump Group 1:

  •         Generate traffic for himself
  •         Moving the group pump 2
  •         Moving the group pump 3
Pump Group 2:
  •         Generate traffic for himself
  •         Moving the group pump 3
Pump Group 3:
  •         Generate traffic for himself
  •         Moving the group pump 2

So pump working group 2 and 3 each pump so that the resulting traffic doubled. Look at the picture below is one example of the results of this trick. This image is from the statistical data globalehits.


Look at the picture above. Total visited sites (surfing which I did) was 12,187 and that I do once a week just to maintain their active status. Total Hits Received (hits I received) is 908 873. It does not come from referrals because the data seen my referral is 0 (zero). This is a result of the above mentioned tips n tricks. If there is still a need to be asked to write your questions in the comments field. No ivory that is not cracked, if there is an input to fix tips n tricks, I'm very grateful if you are willing to write it in the comments field. 

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